Countertop Buying Guide

A comprehensive cheatsheet for your countertop project

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When you are embarking on a home project, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. From budget to style to availability and timing, many factors will influence you throughout the process. In addition to utilizing our Countertop Buying Guide as a checklist, explore our additional resources for more in depth information to ensure success in your project.

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Whether you are starting a kitchen or bathroom remodel or building a brand new home, countertops are a must. Check out our Go To Guide for Choosing the Right Countertop for detailed information on every aspect of selecting the right material and options for your project. The table of contents will help direct you to the information you may find most useful.

One of the first decisions you’ll be making is the type of stone you are looking to use for your project. In the industry we see mostly Granite or Quartz being used in residential projects, followed by Marble. There are pros and cons to each type of stone, depending on your style and the intended use of your countertops. Our Countertop Comparisons chart and additional information will help you narrow down the right stone for you and perhaps dispel some common preconceived notions on certain materials.



Check out our full backsplash article to learn more about the different options you have for not only a stylish backsplash, but a functional one that will help protect your walls from splatters and splashes.

Edge Profiles & Overhangs

To help you answer questions from how much seating you need at your island to would you like a waterfall in your kitchen, check out our Countertop Edge Guide and Kitchen Island Layout Guides.


Almost every countertop project includes cutouts, whether for a sink, cooktop, or slide in appliance, you’ll have areas where your stone will need to be “cut out”. For a little help in this area, our sink guide will help you to determine the sink that is right for you.

Choosing your stone, layout, and features are key to getting the look of your dreams. Fabrication may not be the “sexy” part of the project, but it is certainly important. This is where the hard work you’ve put in selecting components comes together. Ensuring your supplier and fabricator are experienced and using the best tools possible is critical. In addition to the buying guide you downloaded above, visit our Fabrication page for FAQ’s and tools to assist in your search for the right partner.