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Where do we get Quartz?

Quartz countertops are engineered from approximately 93% natural quartz, blended with advanced polymer resins and colorfast pigments to create an elegant, durable work surface. In a quartz countertop you may have small pieces of quartz, granite, and even recycled mirror particles or colored glass. These materials are all mixed together with the resin, poured into a large block mold. Vacuums and Vibration help to press out the air, then the quartz blocks are “baked” in a special process using heat and pressure. Once the quartz block is baked, it is loaded into a gangsaw to be sliced, you can liken this to a bread slicer slicing a loaf of bread. Then the slabs are polished on one face and prepared for shipment. Once at the stone fabricator, the quartz slabs can be finished with any custom countertop edge, based on customer preference. Quartz countertops come standard in a polished finished, and can be customized with a honed finish as well. Additionally, some quartz manufacturers offer a leathered finish for some colors.

Quartz Manufacturers

There are approximately 10-12 manufacturers of Quartz slabs competing in the U.S. Market today. Some of the most familiar brands are MSI Quartz, Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria. At Great Lakes we carry Cambria, Silestone, Envi, Krystallos-Avani, Ceasarstone, MSI, Mont, and Difinity. Some of the other brands include Elements, HahnStone, LG Viaterra, Wilsonart Quartz, Corian Quartz, Daltile ONE Quartz, Pental, Zodiaq, Okite, and Santa Margherita Quartz.

Regardless of the brand, most quartz countertops are manufactured using equipment from the Italian company, Breton. Qualities that are consistent among brands include composition, hardness, low porosity, heat resistance, and visible seams. Depending on the brand of quartz, you may see variations in the appearance of the quartz. You have the ability to select from a variety of edges as well depending on the capabilities of your fabricator.

Some manufacturers of quartz also carry a GreenGuard Certification. GreenGuard Certification helps manufacturers create, and buyers identify, interior products and materials with low chemical emissions. This leads to improved air quality in your home, or any space these products are used. Here you can find the full list of GreenGuard certified quartz countertops. You’ll notice Caesarstone, Cambria, HahnStone, Wilsonart and many others on this list.

Selecting your Quartz

At Great Lakes Granite and Marble, carry quartz samples in our showroom to help you make the perfect selection. We also fabricate on a regular basis Silestone, Caesarstone, Elements, Hahnstone, Corian Quartz, LG Viaterra, and Wilsonart – Quartz.

The pattern and veining of quartz can differ among manufacturers with some being more uniform and others more artistic. The quartz industry is using Mother Nature as their inspiration when it comes to designing colors, pattern, and veining. This lends itself to some quartz products having a natural stone appearance. However, keep in mind quartz is an engineered stone and it is difficult to duplicate the natural veining and pattern you get from genuine marble or granite.

Even though quartz is generally more uniform than granite or marble, it is important to see a larger piece of the stone before making your selection. Similar to selecting a paint color based on the small sample in the paint color wheel, it is difficult to select your quartz countertop based on a small sample. Just as you want to paint a sample on your wall before a final paint selection is made, you will want to view an entire slab or large sample before finalizing your quartz selection to ensure you get the color you are after.

Regardless of the brand, performance and availability are very similar. Pricing may vary depending on the brand and the coloring of the quartz. In many cases, more artistic quartz options carry a higher price point.

Care & Maintenance

Quartz is extremely solid, making it resistant to acids that may cause stains or etching in other materials. Quartz countertops generally do not need sealing and minimal maintenance will have them gleaming for many years. Similar to marble or granite, routine maintenance includes wiping them down with water and a mild detergent free of bleach or abrasive ingredients. This practice will keep your countertops clean, safe, and looking beautiful. You also want to avoid using cleaners with wax, oils (like Murphy’s Oil Soap), polish or high-PH formulas. If you do spill liquids such as wine, tea or lemon juice, take action quickly to clean stains. When chopping, use proper cutting boards to protect your quartz. As quartz is not recognized as a highly heat resistant product, you want to always place hot dishes on a trivet.

Countertop Comparisons

When comparing different countertop materials, it’s helpful to look at the pros and cons of each. Quartz countertops are similar to granite in terms of durability, and both will last for many years with regular cleaning and little maintenance. They also share such qualities as tolerance to scratches and protection from stains, so they’re ideal in kitchens and bathrooms. Where marble has it’s own beauty and appeal, it isn’t typically compared to a granite or quartz for durability.

Quartz countertops may be costly compared to laminates, ceramic tile, or solid surface countertops. When compared to granite and marble, quartz is typically a little higher in pricing. This is dependant mostly on the color, pattern, or slabs selected.

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