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Granite, Marble & Quartz Photos.

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Whether you are doing a full renovation, building a home, or a small DIY project, we have inspiration for you. A simple upgrade can transform your space, whether it’s natural materials like stone or innovative design concepts like waterfall edges.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials in the home has been on trend the last few years. Embrace the beauty of nature by bringing a touch of the outdoors into your home. You can achieve this with the use of wood, stone, and rattan ranging in use from light fixtures to furniture or accessories. Stone countertops are a perfect way to add a natural touch to your home, from granite to quartzite, each slab is a unique work of art. Quartz, though engineered, is often patterned to mimic the look of natural stone.

Waterfall Edge

A waterfall edge is when a countertop makes a 90 degree angle wrapping down the side of a cabinet or island, ending at the floor. Create a sleek focal point with clean lines, perfect for modern kitchens but versatile enough for any style.

Contrasting Cabinet Colors

Over the last decade or so, we watched the kitchen trend migrate from dark, earthy tones to clean, white kitchens. Recently, we are seeing things warm up in the kitchen again. That may mean bringing in warm wood tones, or perhaps adding a pop of color by contrasting your island or base cabinets. Warm up your kitchen with contrasting cabinet colors, like the trending Blue Nova from Benjamin Moore. Mix and match materials for a personalized touch.

Contrasting Countertop Materials

Enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic can be achieved by opting for a contrasting countertop material on the island. You have various options, ranging from selecting a different yet complementary color within the same material, like pairing dark and light quartz, to choosing an entirely different material, such as butcher block. This choice can be driven by both design preferences and practical considerations.

Dedicated Stations

Optimize your kitchen layout with dedicated stations for coffee or wet bars, enhancing both functionality and flair. Even in a smaller space, you can designate a corner or one end of the countertop as the coffee station to maximize workflow.

Workstation Sinks

Maximize space and efficiency with workstation sinks, complete with accessories for washing, prepping, and cleaning up. Common accessories included with workstation sinks are drying rack, colander, cutting board, and bottom grid allowing you to wash, prep and chop food, clean up, dry dishes and more.

Backsplash Design

Elevate your kitchen walls with artistic backsplashes, from simple subway tiles to intricate mosaics. Explore various styles and materials to find the perfect fit for your space. We have an entire article dedicated to the various styles and the pros and cons of each.

Ready to get inspired? View our kitchen gallery for a visual feast of design possibilities!