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How will you choose your stone?

Ever try to select your carpet from a small square, couch material from a two-inch square piece of fabric, or even a new dress from a thumbnail on the computer? How about choosing your countertop material from a small sample? Especially when, depending on the pattern and the material, that small sample could be vastly different from your finished product.

The countertop is one of the most impactful style components of your finished project, and one that you want to be able to select based on the full picture, not a small sample of the color or pattern. Even in the case of quartz, which has a more uniform pattern than the natural stone or granite, it is still important to see it in real life sizes to visualize it on your cabinets, with your floor, and ultimately completing the look you are going for.

Without seeing the whole slab, you only have a portion of the completed picture.

When you are shopping for this important component of your project, you want to find a location that you can stroll through aisles of slabs, picturing your finished project and dreaming of how beautiful it is going to look. Depending on the size of your project and the stone size needed, by choosing from an entire slab, you have the ability to select the exact area that you want highlighted in your project.

Calacatta Q Quartz Slab

At Great Lakes Granite & Marble we have over 1,500 slabs of granite and quartz in stock. You can walk through our warehouse for hours taking in all of the different materials, colors, and patterns. You can talk with our knowledgeable project managers and staff about how the stone will work for your project. We work together to lay out your kitchen or bath so that you see the patterns you love. You would hate to choose a slab because of a specific area of pattern, only to find that area cut out for the sink or cooktop. When you are selecting the right stone for your project, it is important not only to see the full slab, but also to work with an experienced project manager to lay it out and template it to fit exactly the way you visualized.

See for Yourself


Visit our facility to get behind the scenes, head into the warehouse and explore the 1,500 slabs for yourself.


Currently, in our warehouse, we have these quartz slabs in stock: Arctic White, Calacatta Q, Carrara Grigio, Crema Marfil, Fossil Gray, Shadow Gray, Sparkling White, and Toasted Almond.

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