Blue The Border Collie



Blue’s Bio:

I was born in Allendale Michigan to a breeder named Aaron Silver on October 28, 2014. My Mom was a black and white Border Collie and my Dad was a Blue Merle like me. One day my owner Rich and his father in law came to see me and my Mom and Dad. Nice guy that Rich, a few treats, a little exchange of money and I was taking my first trip in a car, to Northville Michigan. Ever since then I have become an expert level Frisbee catcher, a hell of a Deer chaser and a squirrels intimidator. If you have a little time to play or a lot of action to deliver then I’m your man, ready for action. I come to the office on Mondays and Friday or by special request. PS: I like herding little kids (it’s in my family heritage you know) but I have never bitten anyone or shown an ugly face to another dog. Border Collies just want to have fun.